Cancer benign tumour

Through these pathways, all signal molecules would promote development of tumor directly or contribute to progress of various cancers indirectly by increasing tumor-associated macrophages, for instance promoting tumor growth, angiogenesis, extracellular matrix breakdown, invasion, and metastasis.

Together with state of the art in the field, based on some of the most recent work, this paper will include a brief look on some results obtained by our group. Brain injuries and stroke data obtained by optical coherence cancer benign tumour analyzing will be presented as a possibility of detection and evaluation for affected tissue, using this imaging system.

Results: The preoperative diagnosis was difficult: established by clinical examination and CT in two cases; imagistic accidental discovery in four cases and revealed by evolving complications in nine cases gastrointestinal bleeding in four cases and bowel obstruction in five cases.

CT may be useful in the preliminary estimation of the tumor extent. Tumor location was: stomach four, duodenum one, small bowel seven, and colon three.

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Pathological examination set the main criteria for assessing the risk of recurrence and indication for adjuvant therapy: the tumor size, the histological type spindle cell nine, epithelioid four, and mixed two and the mitosis rate, while the immunohistochemistry examination established the correct diagnosis positivity for CD and CD34 and criteria of aggressiveness positivity for Ki All oxiuros nome popular were operated, the surgical procedure being chosen according to the tumor location and stage.

The therapeutic outcome was: a postoperative morbidity rate of Conclusions: GIST has been imposed over the last decade as the main type of non-epithelial tumor of the digestive tract. The preoperative imagistic investigations can be very useful for setting the surgical strategy.

cancer benign tumour

The diagnostic value of immunohistochemistry cancer benign tumour silver cancer benign tumour techniques for characterization of normal, reactive and tumoral astrocytes Alina Simona Sovrea, Adina Bianca Bosca, Carmen Georgiu, Anne-Marie Constantin, Mohamed Amine Ben Abdalah, Dan Gheban Astrocytes represent a heterogeneous population of specialized glial cells responsible not only for accomplishing various important functions in the healthy nervous tissue, but also for reacting to all types of the central nervous system diseases and trauma.

GFAP immunostaining is considered to be the most accurate of the routine techniques used for identifying astrocytes; however, silver impregnation techniques, which are inexpensive and approachable, might be a reliable alternative. The present research has brought into question and tried to assess the sensitivity and specificity of these classical methods for identifying and differentiating normal and reactive from tumoral astrocytes.

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Our study included 10 supratentorial gliomas specimens of various grade and two normal brain samples. We performed cancer benign tumour histological study on consecutive seriated sections labeled using four methods: the immunostaining for GFAP glial fibrillary acidic protein and the three silver impregnation techniques: Ramon y Cajal, Bielschowsky-Cajal and Gomori.

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For each tumoral case, two areas were examined: the tumoral parenchyma and the tumor borders considered as reactive gliosis and were both compared to healthy brain parenchyma; for each area, three microscopic fields were assessed and two parameters were recorded: a semi-quantitative score the astrocytes density and a qualitative score the color intensity.

We used a complex statistical analysis in order to process the data and to compare the diagnostic value of silver impregnation techniques versus GFAP immunostaining the reference method in terms of tumoral grading and differentiating tumoral from normal and reactive astrocytes. Our results indicated that there data provided by both GFAP immunostaining and silver impregnation cum să tratezi negii genitali la bărbați were comparable.

The role of NO in the pathogenesis of chronic viral hepatitis is not fully understood but it seems that its overproduction is responsible for the pathological changes under inflammatory conditions. Aim: In this paper, we analyzed the correlation between immunohistochemical expression of iNOS cancer benign tumour liver fibrosis in chronic viral hepatitis.

Biomedical Signal Processing and Modeling Complexity of Living Systems

Materials and Methods: Liver biopsies from patients diagnosed with chronic viral hepatitis B and C were embedded in paraffin and further used for histological staining and immunohistochemical reactions to detect the expression of iNOS and TGF-beta1. The degree of liver fibrosis was established using special staining trichromic Masson and Gomori s silver impregnation. Results: In samples with low degree of fibrosis, we observed a discrete cancer benign tumour for iNOS in periportal hepatocytes and the immunohistochemical reaction for TGF-beta1 were limited to the endothelial cells of liver sinusoids and pro-inflammatory cells from the portal tracts.

Positive reaction for TGF-beta1 increased with the degree of liver fibrosis, while the expression of iNOS was enhanced in hepatocytes, as well as in bile ducts and endothelial cells. Conclusions: Infection with hepatitis B and C viruses induces iNOS expression in hepatocytes, suggesting that NO overproduction might have an cancer benign tumour role in progression of chronic viral hepatitis to cirrhosis. These data represent preliminary study on the impact on silica nano-networks in targeted delivery and cheloo vs andreea marin release of antitumor drugs and they may be efficiently used for future biomedical applications in cancer therapy.

Corresponding author: Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu, Chem. Materials cancer benign tumour Methods: The studied material consisted of lymph node LN tissue samples obtained by biopsy or surgical excision cancer benign tumour patients histopathologically diagnosed with tuberculosis.

For confirming the diagnosis, Ziehl-Neelsen staining was carried out and, in some cases, PCR technique was used.

Results: Patients cancer benign tumour mainly women, with a mean age of 35 years. Also, multiple LN group involvement was present in only five cases.

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The most affected LN groups were: cancer benign tumour lateral cervical, submandibular, axillary, inguinal, supraclavicular and mesenteric. In paired LN groups, there was no predilection for any of the body sides. Necrosis was present in almost all cases, displaying the whole range of morphological features, but usually the acidophilic, microgranular one.

Fibrosis was rarely encountered. The extension of TB process was not a rare event. Conclusions: LNs seem to be the favorite location of TB besides the lung. The overall morphological picture revealed an active and destructive profile of the bacillary aggression in the LN parenchyma, which could mean either a higher sensitivity of the LN tissue or a more vulnerable background of the patients with TBLN lesions.

cancer benign tumour

The characterization of stem cell in this type of carcinoma could determine the appearance of new ideas concerning origin and evolution.

There is an impressive amount of data in the literature related to TNBC and a growing interest for stem cell research during the past years, but there are no data concerning the genetic characterization of stem cells in the context of cell biology of TNBC as compared with associated DCIS.

cancer benign tumour

We performed immunohistochemical studies for the expression and distribution of several stem cell-related antigens, focusing on the association of TNBC with DCIS and comparing the presence of stem cells in the invasive and in the in situ component. Optimization of detection, identification and characterization of cancer benign tumour breast cancer stem cells might permit further identification of targeted treatment.

Colorectal cancer causes deaths per year, despite correct applied treatment surgery and chemotherapy. Interleukin 8 IL-8 is an important proinflammatory cytokine with an important role in leukocyte chemoattraction.

IL-8 also represents an important tumorigenic and proangiogenic factor. From these patients, we cancer benign tumour prelevated two types of samples: serum and tumor fragment.

Results: IL-8 values were significantly increased, both in serum and tumor supernatant. The highest IL-8 values were found in tumor supernatant and in advanced stages; IL-8 increased values were correlated with tumor growth and TNM stage. Conclusions: IL-8 has an important role in colorectal cancer growth and metastasis and represents an important therapeutic target in this type of cancer.

IL-8 represents also a predictor for colorectal cancer prognosis.


Anatomical and histological considerations of placenta vascular diseases with implications in forensic medicine Roxana Folescu, Andrei Gheorghe Marius Motoc, Carmen Lacramioara Zamfir, Adrian Cosmin Ilie Placenta, as a highly specialized organ in connecting the maternal and fetal organism, is frequently affected by a specific vascular pathology. The correlation between the macroscopic and the microscopic aspects of the fetal cancer benign tumour vascularization together with the appearance of fibrin deposits is used to determine the pathological cause of death.

Different studies suggest the hypothesis of precocious development of fibrin deposits during pregnancy, due to some immune-like reactions or due to the circulatory variations in the villous territory. The present research was realized on placentas - out of placentas collected in the past 10 years, were from term births, 98 from premature births and cancer benign tumour from abortions.

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The fibrin deposits in the placenta resulting from abortion can also be interpreted as alterations caused by the same circulatory variable conditions. In cancer benign tumour therapeutic abortion, the placental fragments do not contain fibrin deposits. The study assesses simptomele helminților la adulți macroscopic and microscopic aspects of the vascular pathology at the placental level in cases with medical and legal implications.

Our study also reported these placental aspects in aborted fetuses or in cases of intrauterine deaths, for various reasons considered forensic cases. Adhesion cell molecules as potential markers of aggressiveness in meningiomas Dorel Arsene, Maria Comanescu, Carmen Ardeleanu Routine histopathological criteria are poor predictors of the outcome in meningiomas. The present study tried cancer benign tumour determine if some adhesion cell molecules could be helpful in assessing the histological aggressiveness in meningiomas of all grades.

Three cases of meningeal non-meningothelial tumors hemangiopericytoma, hemangioblastoma and fibrosarcoma were also studied as control tissue.

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine

CD54 was for the first time systematically assessed in meningiomas of all three grades of malignancy. CD44 and CD54 were expressed in CD54 expression showed a direct correlation with the cancer benign tumour of histological anaplasia and Ki67 values.

More than half of cases Cell adhesion molecules were not significantly related to a particular histological type and proliferating potential of meningiomas.

Overall, CD54 as well as E-cadherin could be used as additional aggressiveness indicators aside the classical ones.

Tumori benigne vs. Tumori maligne

On the other way, Ki67 once again confirmed its significant role in the assessment of meningioma aggressiveness. Electron microscopy analysis of different orthodontic brackets and their adhesion to the tooth enamel Delia Ioana Ciocan, Dragos Stanciu, Manuela Anca Popescu, Florin Miculescu, Ioan Plotog, Gaudentiu Varzaru, Lucian Toma Ciocan This study proposed to evaluate the surface morphology of different types of orthodontic brackets and the characteristics of their adhesion to the tooth enamel.

There have been taken into study six metallic, five ceramic and one polymeric bracket from different brands Ormco, Lancer, Leone, Damon, 3M, Ultradent, American Orthodontics, Rocky Mountain. There have been investigated several parameters that have a potential influence of the bracket-bonding agent interface joint: chemical composition, roughness, surface morphology and wideness.

After ESEM analysis, the same metallic and ceramic brackets have been afterwards collated on extracted teeth and subjected to mechanical tests. After the mechanical testing, the samples were once again ESEM investigated. All fractures occurred in the area cancer benign tumour the adhesive system, recording adhesive fractures of the tooth-composite resin and composite-bracket, cohesive fractures and both.

The metallic brackets surfaces that are optima for a good adhesion is that of a mesh sand blasted and acid etched. From the esthetic brackets, the ceramic ones are superior to polymeric ones regarding bonding to teeth.

Technological update of the video-endoscopic approach of the diagnosis and staging of tumors in children Isabela-Magdalena Draghici, Dragos-Constantin Luca, Maria-Delia Popescu, Liviu Draghici The pediatric patient is often difficult to diagnose, especially since the surgical pathology is tumoral. Establishing the histopathological diagnosis of a tumor, staging of a disease and certifying the existence of rare pediatric affections are three of cancer benign tumour motives for which the specialists frequently appeal to an exploratory laparoscopy, accompanied by biopsy cancer benign tumour.

From to95 such procedures were performed 7. In many cases, the laparoscopy had an exclusive diagnostic purpose, of whose success has been primarily responsible the targeted biopsy.

Current issues are discussed, centered on the most advanced technologies used in minimally invasive approach of pediatric malignancies, referring to the effect of minimizing the possible complications that can arise from this type of intervention.

The authors concluded that laparoscopic technique is the method of choice in comparison to other ways of biopsy classical surgery, ultrasound guidance, cancer benign tumour, etc. Tonsillar hypertrophy implications in sleep disorders in adults and children Reka Solyom, Iren Csiszer, Adriana Neagos Introduction: The obstructive reapariția infecției giardiei apnea syndrome is the most common sleep disorder. It covers a multitude of symptoms associated with apnea.

Next to polysomnography, otorhinolaryngological clinical examination plays an important role in establishing the diagnosis, in evaluating any oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal modification. Patients and Methods: In this research, we intend to demonstrate the histopathological examination importance in establishing the tonsillar hypertrophy degree.

This is made in direct correlation with its volume, and the sleep apnea degree. In this context, we have cancer benign tumour cancer benign tumour retrospective study between on a group of 69 patients diagnosed by polysomnography with Obstructive Sleep Apnea OSA. In the research, otorhinolaryngological examination was supplemented with histopathological examination of the parts collected after the surgery. Results: It has been demonstrated that the size, volume of the tonsil can be directly correlated with the severity of sleep apnea.

The term tonsil hypertrophy is a histopathological one, with or without macroscopic implications.

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A specificity of tonsil enlargement without the narrowing of the oropharyngeal isthmus was demonstrated. This was in all cancer benign tumour of obstructive apnea, even in snoring patients with normal apnea-hypopnea index values, with a non-significant statistical correlation.

Conclusions: The use of multiple indices in the classification of OSA severity is an important advantage. Therefore, it can be proved that there is no singular structure to induce the disorder, but the cause is rather a combination of several elements. The polysomnographic examination remains the golden standard for assessing in patients with OSA.

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Experimental morphologic and radiologic study of the integration of bone grafts into the host tissue and of the dynamics of the graft-receptor interface Horatiu Pompiliu Petrescu, Gabriel Dinu, Gheorghe Noditi, Marcel Berceanu-Vaduva, Dana Cristina Bratu, Dinu Vermesan Bone is the second tissue in terms of number of transplants after blood.

There is an increased trend of incidence of severe bone lesions with comminuted fractures, with significant lack of substance, as well as an increased incidence of cancer types combined with therapeutic advances in recent decades, allowing for large surgical interventions that affect the bones and create significant defects in bone cancer benign tumour href="">sintomas para oxiuros contribute to the overall gastric cancer biomarker in the number and complexity of bone transplants.

Autografts may be used singly or in various combinations, with significantly better effects than other implant materials. Use of autografts is limited by complications from the receptor site, mainly related to infections and undetectable necrotic areas on initial microscopic examination, cancer benign tumour prevent proper incorporation of autografts, but also those of the donor situs.

The aim of the study was to assess the integration of tibial bone grafts into the femur of Wistar rats by radiologic exam and histological evaluation. We concluded that the fixing of the graft to the host tissue may be subject to some microenvironment influences. The presence of the periosteum on the grafts is certainly an asset during transplantation.